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The Veil Master

There are 3 classes of people; 

Those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see.

- Leonardo Da Vinci​

Spiritual Services - suspended until Mid 2023

Spiritual Guidance & Development : $65 per hour

Learn to trust your intuition and recognize the signs that your body tells you. Determine what your special gifts are, and allow us to help you reach your full potential! Unlock the secrets of your subconscious and reach a higher understanding of yourself and the universe. Learn to trust and believe in yourself.

Chakra Energy Analysis and Alignment : $125

This involves a full body scan of your 7 main chakras as well as the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras to see how they are functioning and what blockages are stopping your chakras from operating at their full capacity. The analysis will be performed first, to enable a comprehensive assessment of your overall energy. The Veil Master will interpret the energy and try to pinpoint the root cause of the blockage to prevent it returning. Most practitioners will clear energy, but fail to give information about the root cause of recurring blockages. Not us! Following the analysis, an alignment (aka Healing) will be performed to remove energetic "residue" where needed, rebalance, and restore energy flow throughout the body. You will also get to discover what your Earth Star chakra looks like! Everyone has a different connection to the earth and our ancestry, so each person has an Earth Star Chakra which is unique to them. Allow 2 hours for this appointment, as there can sometimes be a LOT that needs clearing in some cases. Some people may need additional sessions depending on the energies within that person. CAUTION: Do not come to us if you are wanting gentle healing. Our method is very deep and can bring up very sensitive issues or darkness that remains in your energy field and chakras. We can unearth very deep-set patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling.

Shadowcraft Services - suspended until Mid 2023

The Veil Master is a spiritually gifted energy healer, channeler and Shadow Master of the spirit realm. She performs energy healing in a number of ways, extractions of attachments, house/property clearing and more. She can connect to past lives, look into Soul Contracts and access information from the Akashic Records. The Veil Master is the only qualified and experienced Shadowcraft expert on the globe (see

If you feel that your house is haunted, that you are being taunted by something or having unusual things happen around you, then the Veil Master is the one to contact. Most priests will not help with exorcisms these days, and this is where she does what needs to be done. Don't ever think that when "weird stuff" happens, that it is your Guardian Angels speaking to you. This is not always the case. Anything that doesn't make sense (like erratic animal behaviour, shadows, smoke and haze, things being moved around the house, electrical disturbances, scratchings or marks on walls) - these ARE NOT friendly to you. DO NOT invite them in!

She has helped close energy portals within houses, cleared attachments from people which have been present for over 50 years, helped souls enter the light, banish evil creatures, break blood-pact curses/soul contracts and have even dealt with demonic possession! Yep... this actually happens...

SLEEP PARALYSIS is often a sign of negative entities playing with you. Book an appointment with us now before they cause more havoc. A full cleansing or banishment must always be performed in person.

Aura Cleanse: $15

Every day stress can de-harmonize our energy fields. Negative energies tend to cling to us when we are down and will feed off of it. Feel lighter and less troubled after an aura cleanse. Only available at our Shoppe in Royal Park - or at Carpe Diem in Port Adelaide from July 2022 onwards.

House Clearing: $75 per hour (after hours $100 per hour)

Additional charges may apply depending on travel and time spent clearing. Allow approximately 2 hours for a standard 3 bedroom house.

We may offer payment plans and discount in some cases. 

Attachments, Troubled Spirits and Negative Entities: 

This is our specialty. Each case is different. Let us know your story and we can help you from there. 

If you feel that you have something negative attached to you, are hearing strange sounds in your house, feel overly anxious/depressed/angry for no reason or feel a shift that doesn't feel right, you may be the prey of something nasty. 

Step 1: Book an Assessment to determine what is going on and whether you have an attachment. Initial Assessment is $55, or Initial Assessment with the Challenge Test (highly accurate and recommended) is $75.

Step 2: Allow one week between first consultation and the next step. We may need to explore further or we may be able to perform the banishment within that time frame. The process is quite involved and depends on the information at hand. Some cases however, will call for an immediate Extraction. The cost for this is between $100 and $150 depending on the work involved.

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