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December 21st and January 18th 2021
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Herbal Consultations

Do you have a health issue that you want to address naturally? We look at identifying and addressing the cause of the issue, not just relieving the symptoms.

Consider booking a consultation with our resident herbalist for a thorough assessment of your concerns. We can help with anything from arthritis and gout, skin ailments, aches and pains, mental health issues, sleep issues, cold and flu, stress and much more! We have OVER 35 MEDICINAL HERBS AND SPICES available in our Shoppe and will prescribe the right treatment for you whether it's herbal, mineral, nutritional or topical, or a combination of all four!

Consultations are only $25 for up to 45 minutes. Anything over one hour will incur an extra $25 fee per 30 minutes.

We believe in micro-dosing over longer periods of time, so a combination of therapies might be necessary for the best results. NO BAND-AID FIXES. We take pride in our work and are careful to go through every aspect of your health concern. Large doses are too much for the body to handle and will often reject higher concentrations of whatever to put into your body. Small amounts over a longer period of time will encourage your body to function more effectively. 

Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is the best way to show your "DNA history". Your hair shows a progressive timeline of your overall health - its weaknesses and intolerances. 

It is the most effective and thorough method to confirm your suspicions of any food sensitivities. Other tests are inconclusive, fluctuate daily depending on your food intake. This method means... No Needles!

You can test between 600 and 850 intolerances including food, vitamins, minerals, digestive issues, thyroid issues, environmental elements, food preservatives, colours and flavourings!

Prices start from $139 for the basic test and $299 for the most complex. We highly recommend the Gold Test for hidden sensitivities, and the Diamond Test if you suspect IBS, lactose intolerance or hormonal imbalances.

These prices include the hair analysis, a 90 - 120 minute consultation to go over the results and a comprehensive written report with dietary suggestions. The herbalist may recommend further herbal or mineral treatment to manage symptom flare ups.

Mineral Therapy

Help your body to heal at a CELLULAR LEVEL. Your body requires minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, phosphates and sulphates to operate and function effectively. Lack of certain minerals can cause major issues within, leading to gut problems, the inability to absorb particular nutrients, sleep issues, weak bones, hair, teeth and nails, easily worn cartilage, muscle weakness, nervous twitching, migraines, recurring infections, skin issues, lethargy and even some mental health illnesses. 

Mineral salts are safe for all ages, babies, children, elderly, pregnant and lactating women!

We stock a small range of the Blackmores Professional range of mineral salts which range in price from $12.95 to $14.95. Mineral salts are available for purchase once a herbal consultation has been completed to thoroughly assess your symptoms.