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Herbal Consultations

For only $65 per hour, we aim to assist you with any health concern you may have. We specialise in skin related disorders, gut or nutritional imbalances, food intolerances, sleep and stress management, baby's skin issues, gout, fluid retention and toxin build up. We take the time to go through your medical history and look at developing a plan together to best achieve your health goals. 

Hair Analysis Testing

Hair analysis is the best way to show your "DNA history". Your hair shows a progressive timeline of your overall health - its weaknesses and intolerances. Test from 450 to 950 items including foods, environmental sensitivities, preservatives, food colouring and flavours, minerals, vitamins, metals, micronutrients, gut bacteria and digestive enzymes. Included in the price is the test, a comprehensive printed report, 1-2 hour consultation to go through the results comprehensively and treatment options.

Energy Healing

Due to our Holistic view on healing the body, we also offer Energy Healing Spiritual Services to assist you at a deeper level. Most often, people will look at their physical ailments, environment and mental health, but fail to pay attention to their energetic side... their spiritual connections. The metaphysical world, although we cannot see it with the naked eye, accounts for a HUGE portion of our well-being.  Look at getting a Full Chakra Analysis and Healing to see what lies beneath the surface! 

Sleep & Stress Management

Sleep, stress and mental health are major players in every day life these days. We have tools, knowledge and herbal blends perfect to manage these issues. Make a booking with us to learn the best ways to help your body recover and try our AWARD WINNING SLEEP TEA,

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