Our shoppe will be closed between:
December 21st and January 18th 2021
We will continue to process and send out web orders during this time.


We are still operating as usual however maximum
of 2 people in the store at any time. We are offering
Alcohol Hand Rub Refills . Please obey the signs in store.

Mumma C

Energy and Aura Cleansing  -  House Clearing  -  Spiritual Counselling  - 

Clearing Negative Energies  -  Spiritual Development

Mumma C The Oracle 

She has her facebook page with monthly energy updates, now you can see her or get readings from her in person at our Shoppe in Royal Park.

Mumma C is a spiritually gifted energy healer, intuitive reader and channeller of the spirit realm. She can provide you with a 12 month reading, answer pressing personal questions or simply just cleanse your aura using our amazing Clear Away Protection Spray. Connect with Spirit and get the answers you are seeking.

Mumma C is especially gifted when it comes to dispelling negative energies, entities and stale energy. If you feel that your house is haunted, that you are being taunted by something or having unusual things happen around you, then Mumma C is the one to contact. Don't ever think that when "weird stuff" happens, that it is your Guardian Angels speaking to you. This is no the case. Anything that doesn't make sense (like erratic animal behaviour, shadows, smoke and haze, things being moved around the house, electrical disturbances, scratchings or marks on walls) - these ARE NOT friendly to you. DO NOT invite them in!

Readings can be done over the phone, email or in person. Energy readings must be done in person.


Aura Cleanse - $5

Every day stress can de-harmonize our energy fields. Negative energies tend to cling to us when we are down and will feed off of it. Feel lighter and less troubled after an aura cleanse. Only available at our Shoppe in Royal Park

12 Month Reading - $90

May last up to 2 hours and gives you an in-depth guide to the next 12 months. 

Requesting this option via email is $100 due to the extra time to type responses

House Clearing - $60

Price is dependent on location.

Troubled Spirits and Negative Entities - $TBA

Each case is different. Let us know your story and we can help you from there

Spiritual Counselling - $60 per hour

Learn to trust your intuition and recognize the signs that your body tells you. Go into personal guided meditation each session to unlock the secrets of your subconscious and reach a higher understanding of yourself and the universe. Learn to trust and believe in yourself. Each session you will have energy clearings to help raise the vibration and connect to Spirit.  

Contact Mumma C on 0433 521 327 to make an appointment