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December 21st and January 18th 2021
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We are still operating as usual however maximum
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Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet...

Aching Feet  -  Circulation Issues  -  Corns and Calluses  -  Cracked and Split Fingers  -  Hard Skin  -  

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner  -  Hot Feet  -  Weak Nails

hands and feet

Scrubs, Salts and Oils

Blacksmith Scrub

A heavy-duty cleansing scrub that's tough on grease, dirt and oil suitable for home mechanics, cleaners, gardeners and tradies. 

Won't leave your hands sticky or dry. 

You won't believe how well this actually works! 

Try this on your feet and follow with the moisturiser "Pebbles" for the ultimate pedicure!  

Available: 250ml Pump and 1 Litre Jerry Pump 

Moss Rocks

Found deep within the gypsy forest, these bath crystals help to relax and stimulate sore and aching muscles. 

Can also be added to a bowl of hot water as a vaporizer to clear the sinuses and rid the air of germs!

Available: 250g Jar (1kg refills on request)

Tough As Nuts

All natural nail oil that helps restore weak, splitting, flaking and soft nails by restoring essential oils that can be lost from your nails from hard work or simply washing dishes or hands on a constant basis. 

Even if you have had terrible nails your whole life, with this oil you will notice the difference within a week.

Available: 20ml dropper bottle

Ingredients: Contains nut oils. Ingredients not listed for future patent reasons. If you have allergy concerns, please contact us before purchasing.



A hand lotion that soothes splits and cracks "from the inside out"

Can be used to soothe damaged skin from wounds, cuts and post-operation. 

Has also been known to be used on hands that peel. 


Available: 125ml Bottle and 250ml Pump 


A nourishing moisturizer for softening hard skin, corns and calluses. 

Especially suited to feet, knees and elbows. Can be used on any part of the body for extra hydration. 

Reduces the pain of corns and reduces in size by up to 80% in two weeks.

Available: 100ml Jar  

Thistle Thief Mature

This lotion reduces the irritation of Mature dry and itchy skin. 

Assists areas symptomatic of poor blood circulation, swelling and reduces bruising such as arms and legs. 

Suitable for any area of the skin. 

Not recommended for use on sensitive skin. 

Available: 125ml Bottle and 250ml Pump  

Phoenix Flame

Designed for use as an effective after-sun lotion. 

Phoenix Flames has also proven effective on painful or itchy insect bites, hot rashes, kitchen burns and "hot feet".

The strong peppermint scent has also been known to relieve headaches by applying at the temples.

Available: 125ml Bottle only


Bamboo Foot File

Double sided abrasive foot file

Remove dry and hard skin leaving feet feeling soft and smooth.

Follow your pedicure routine with Pebbles to keep corns, calluses and hard skin at bay!

Bamboo Socks

Socks for both men and women available in a range of colours and sizes.

The most environmentally friendly and comfortable clothing you will ever wear!

Did you know that bamboo produces 300% more oxygen than trees, requires less water and some species can grow at a rate of 90cm per day?! Bamboo fabric is super strong, breathable and super absorbent of sweat. 

Small (5-8 ) or Large (9-12)