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Hair Analysis Testing

All disease starts in the gut

- Hippocrates

Hair analysis testing is one of the most effective and reliable methods to test for sensitivities and intolerances throughout the body.

Signs of a Sensitivity or Intolerance:

Chronic Inflammation adding to Pain and Arthritis

Mental Health issues, ADHD and Brain Fog

Headaches and Migraines

Sinus and Respiratory problems

Diarrhoea and Nausea

Painful Menstruation

Gas and Bloating

Digestive Problems & IBS

Reflux and Burping

When we are sensitive to particular foods, our gut is unable to adequately absorb nutrients and minerals so we become deficient even if taking supplements!

Determine your sensitivities, eliminate them from your diet to re-set your gut functioning and then slowly introduce them back into your diet. Watch for signs of intolerance and learn your limits.

Step 1: Choose the best option for you and add it to your basket

Step 2: Fill in the form below and Submit

Step 3: Send your hair sample and follow the instructions below.

Basic Hair Analysis


Tests 400 items

Food & Drinks

Environmental Sensitivities

Heavy Metals


Vitamins A-K

Diamond Hair Analysis


Tests 950 items

Food & Drinks

Environmental Sensitivities,

Heavy Metals


Vitamins A-K


Gut Bacteria

Digestive Enzymes

Application Form



First and Last Name*



Birth Date (dd/mm/yyyy)*

Country of Birth

Email Address*

Contact Phone Number*

Street Address/PO Box*



Post Code

Do you suspect, or have any of the following food sensitivities and/or allergies?*


Do you suspect, or have any of the following environmental sensitivities and/or allergies?*


Please list any medications, vitamins or herbal treatments you are taking:*

Please list any relevant medical history (e.g. gastric bypass, blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, eczema, gas/bloating issues, chronic pain etc)*

Which option did you purchase?

Select an option

What to do next:

Your hair needs to be a minimum 2-3cm long and can be from any part of your body including facial and leg hair. It can be taken from your hair brush or plucked from the skin. Please try to get the hair as close to the skin as possible as it shows most recent physiological and biological activity.

For hair 2-3cm long, please include 6 strands. For longer hair, please include 4-5 strands. Place in a small zip-lock plastic sealable bag and send to:

Anois Wellness Pty Ltd

6 Bye Street,


Please submit your hair strands to us within 14 days of this application.

If you have any further questions, please contact Siona Glasson on 0433 521 327 Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm.

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