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...using Plant Medicine for Skin Health...

Face and Body

Face and Body...

Acne and Pimples  -  Allergic Reactions  -  Circulation  -  Cuts and Burns  -  Damaged Skin  -  

Dry Skin  -  Insect Bites - Itching Skin and Rashes  -  Lip Treatment  -  

Oily and Combination Skin  -  Sensitive Skin  -  Scalp and Other Skin Irritations

Herbals and Botanicals

Pimples and Zits Steam Bath

A herbal facial steam bath to help open pores and encourage dirt and pus to come to the surface. Results can be seen in just 3 uses.

Available one size only.

Preservative free

Willow Mud Mask


A smooth clay mask suitable for very oily and acne prone skin. It will draw dirt and excess oil to the surface and leave the skin feeling clean and neutralized. 

Available: 100g Jar

Jasmine Floral Waters

A jasmine-infused floral water for use on breakouts triggered by stress. Hydrates the skin and helps reduce redness. The gentle scent of Jasmine may also calm uneasy nerves.

Available: 125ml spray bottle.

Ingredients: Jasmine infused water

Preservative free

A refreshing toner to wipe away dirt, oil and makeup leaving the skin cool and refreshed.

Available: 125ml bottle

Preservative free

Moisturizers and Balms

Angel Face

This is a divine blend of antioxidant packed oils and extracts such as olive leaf, pomegranate, cucumber and green tea extract. It contains wattleseed which fights wrinkles, aloe vera and coconut for hydration and jojoba for a non-oily finish. Not only is this super hydrating for dry skin, but resists shine and sebum build up of oily skin! Ge through your day without feeling the need or urge to clean!

This lotion is light, soft as a feather (hence the name Angel Face), smooth and pleasant smelling. No florals, citrus or woody tones, purely fresh and divine.

Available: 125ml pump

Ingredients: Contact us direct if you have concerns about allergies and sensitivities.

Butterfly Kisses

A soothing lip balm which gently cares for dry, sore and cracked lips. 

Designed to reduce bleeding time in half for people who bite or pick their lips. 

Can also be used on cracked fingers after applying Sapwood. 

Brilliant for sun or wind burnt lips

Thistle Thief
A mild moisturizer that relieves the irritation of itchy dry skin. Suitable for mild dryness on all skin types. Popularly used to relieve itching caused by allergic reactions and eczema. Can be used as a body wash to relieve entire body itching. 

Available: 125ml Bottle and 250ml Pump 

Thistle Thief Mature

Reduces the irritation of Mature dry and itchy skin 

Suitable for dull, flaky skin and problem dry spots and red patches

Assists areas symptomatic of poor blood circulation, swelling and reduces bruising.

Not recommended for use on sensitive skin.   

Available: 125ml Bottle and 250ml Pump  

Phoenix Flame

Designed for use as an effective after-sun lotion. But Phoenix Flames has also proven effective on painful or itchy insect bites, hot rashes, kitchen burns and "hot feet".

The strong peppermint scent has also been known to relieve headaches by applying at the temples.

Available: 125ml Bottle only

Buddha Balm

Buddha Balm is a smooth butter to sooth and relieve inflammation, redness, itching and dryness associated with dermatitis and eczema. This product is not suitable for use on normal skin

Available: 100ml Jar

Salts, Sprays and Scrubs

Moss Rocks

Found deep within the gypsy forest, these bath crystals help to relax and stimulate sore and aching muscles. Can also be added to a bowl of hot water as a vaporizer to clear the sinuses and your environment.

Available: 250g Jar (1kg refills on request)

Ingredients: Rock salt, wintergreen oil and eucalyptus oil.

Preservative free

Lavender Falls

A gentle moisturizing soap-free body wash suitable for all skin types. Helps to relieve itching, remove make-up and reduce body odour. 

Available: 250ml Pump only.  


A dry salt exfoliator for polishing and 

re-balancing combination or oily skin. Leaves skin feeling soft, clear and refreshed. You can add water to the mixture if you prefer a less oily scrub!


Available: 100g Jar 

Ingredients: Himalayan rock salt, olive oil and patchouli oil.