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100% South Australian Made and Owned

Remedies with extra virgin olive oil from the Adelaide Hills

Carefully selected ingredients for sensitive skin types and allergies

Herbal principles and practice

No Artificial Colours or Fragrances

No Sulphates, SLE's, Parabens or Petrochemicals

Novelty "health tips" available on most labels

All ingredients and packaging are ethically sourced within Australia



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boho baby cleanse soap free wash bath

A soap-free and foam-free body wash that gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin. Will not strip oils from skin and leaves it moisturized and hydrated. Gentle Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula.

boho baby comfort vicks chest rub natural

A non-sticky, easy to apply chest rub with coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils of rosemary, lavender, cedarwood and Madagascan Ravensara. Does not contain camphor oil or menthol. Helps to bring relief to a sick or cranky baby.

boho baby dream sleep spray

An enchanting spray for baby’s room and cot to help promote a calm and restful sleep. Neroli is known in aromatherapy for insomnia, chamomile is calming, lavender is relaxing and ylang ylang is known for stress relief. Over 500 sprays per bottle (that’s only 1.5c per spray!)

boho baby relief nappy and dribble rash cream balm

A 2-in-1 barrier and soothing balm for nappy and dribble rash. It contains a blend of natural ingredients which has skin protective properties and a chocolatey smell from the fresh cocoa butter used. Non-sticky and available in an easy-to-use pump. 

Boho baby sprinkle talc free powder

A slim and compact-sized talc perfect for nappy bags and small spaces. This is all natural and helps keep baby dry as well as absorb excess moisture in the nappy. Freshly scented with Lavender and REAL dried Chamomile flowers.

boho baby spritz nappy wipe spray

The BEST baby product you could ever dream of! 1000 sprays per bottle.

This is a nappy wipe spray that helps to remove sticky poop and clean baby’s bottom each nappy change. It helps the environment by reducing the amount of wipes needed and keeps baby from a red-raw bum. Save money on wipes and prevent thousands of wipes ending up in landfill every year (most wipes aren't biodegradable!)

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