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Aloe Vera Nappy Spray

A World First

Aloe Vera Nappy Spray is a revolutionary PATENTED personal care tool and product which has been designed, developed and tested specifically for use in child care centres and aged care facilities. It contains 100% natural ingredients and soothing aloe vera. Our extensive research details the financial, social, health and environmental impacts that using this spray has in everyday life.  


Demonstration Video

How to use the Aloe Vera Nappy Spray for Babies

and why it is more effective than wipes alone

Improve Health, Well-Being, Hygiene and Efficiency

Aloe Vera Nappy Spray is a natural sprayable liquid solution which is applied directly onto soiled skin and wiped off, to help remove urine and poop from babies and infants during nappy changes. It contains soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients which are non-irritating, odourless, non-sticky and designed to be well tolerated by the majority of the population including highly sensitive children and vegans. Aloe Vera Nappy Spray reduces E.coli, reduces the amount of used disposable wipes that enter landfill every year and saves millions of dollars across the industry in costs. It makes nappy changes quicker and more efficient and reduces the spread of infection by improving nappy change practices. This innovation ticks all the boxes for health, environment, well-being, economy, policy, procedure and safety.

The ‘Raising Children Network’ is supported by the Australian Government and recommends that babies are cleaned using cotton balls soaked in warm water. In a child care setting this method of cleaning is impractical, so our product provides a suitable alternative. We are proud to be the FIRST IN AUSTRALIA to introduce this to child care service providers across the nation.

A common question that gets asked is...

"How exactly does it work to reduce the wipes we use?"

It's ultimately a "spray and wipe" product. The spray wets the surface and upper layers of the skin, therefore enabling semi-dried poop or sticky poop to be cleaned off the surface more easily.  The aloe vera gives it the perfect amount of "slip" as well as being soothing for baby's bottom. It helps to reduce friction, therefore making nappy changes more pleasant for babies, and less wipes are needed to be used to achieve a comprehensive clean. Have a think about it... when cleaning any surface, do you use a wet cloth, or add a spray for more effective cleaning? Our Aloe Vera Nappy Spray acts as a gentle, natural cleaning solution without leaving any chemical cleansing agents on the surface which may irritate baby.

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Thank You for Caring

If you have landed on this page, it means you CARE! So, thank you!

Our children shouldn't have to suffer, the environment should not have to suffer and neither should your budget. Using our Aloe Vera Nappy Spray will bring change to your centre in the most positive way.  Thank you for implementing positive change.

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